IN Changing market situation and compitition, to manufacture a product, which suits cost, quality, variety is very hard.lot of money is essential to maintain position in market.

One single unit can not afford all this. Also changing fashion day by day put all the cost of development and manufacturing in overcome this franchising is must.

SAPNA CEMENT IND. structurals is most reputed company in manufacturing and franchising of R.C.C. Door and window frames and allied concrete products as per requirement.



Variety of models are available for manufacturing without any basic cost,
No time west in development of product and readymade solution is available to suit the competition in market,
Low cost manufacturing technique, management technique and advertising support,
New development will be made available,
Common advertising all over India
Minimum risk, no wastage , regular supply of product from one market to other,
Highest quality product, low cost of manufacturing, availability of information, new developed mould machinery will be made available to all the franchise at lowest cost and you have to concentrate on your business only.
Organization of manufacturing in minimum labor , space, less energy and maximum saving.


R.C.C. Door frame

Window frame

Cement pole


Pre-stress frames and pole

Mould and machinery for all concrete products

Business Plan Outline

Cement concrete door frames are last alternative to all available door frames in market.these are being used since last 12 years.

Our purpose is to generalize use of cement concrete door frames all over India and abroad.R.C.C. frames are popular due to its unmatched durability, accuracy and allover economy to the other frames. water termite and fire proof are other advantages.

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